About the Mess Hut

Passion and purpose in every meal

‘What’s your purpose and why are you passionate about it?’

This is what most people ask us when there’s a que 20 deep and we’re flipping 20 burgers at once. But since you’re reading up on us in advance, here’s the slightly longer answer as to why we’re different to any other street food van you’ll find at your festival.

Although like other traders we’re passionate about our food and where it comes from, what really motivates us is the chefs behind your meal.

The Mess Hut is part of the registered Christian charity, The Message Trust, that has a vision to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives through socially responsible business.

We have teams working in a number of prisons and young offender institutions across the North West of England and have strong partnerships with local homelessness and rehabilitation charities. We use these links as a pipeline for training, housing and mentoring vulnerable people who are passionate about making a fresh start. Every purchase you make at the hut helps us to reduce reoffending in the North West.

And the feeling must be mutual because in 2018 we were named as the UK’s Best Not-For-Profit to Work For by the Sunday Times.

When we’re not serving the hungry at events around the country, we’re manning our independent coffee house in south Manchester, the Mess Café. To find out more about the Mess Café visit us at themessmanchester.co.uk